Material of the highest quality for high precision environments

At JBP Trenchless we have the following product ranges

System for patch repair on all types of pipes. Silicate resins and ECR-Fibreglass together with installation equipment.

Pipe stoppers from 50mm to 2200mm for all types of pipe profiles, with or without bypass.

Repair system for sewer rehabilitation, manufactured in V4A stainless steel and EPDM materials. Ideal for drinking water pipe repairs.

Berolina-Liners made from fibreglass and UV Cured polyester/vinylester resin for all pipe profiles.

Complete range of installation equipment used to install UV liners, including endcans, nylon bobbins and hand winches.

UV Curing Systems for fibreglass liners with power ratings from 400/650 watts up to 1000 watts.

Products and machinery for small diameters, from DN 32 to DN 300. Ideal for the rehabilitation of all types of small diameter pipes.

Pipe inspection and milling equipment for all types of profiles and diameters from 70mm to 1200mm.

New generation single component UV Cured Epoxy resin. Ideal in combination with commercial LED equipment.

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