Patch repair with Packers


We have a wide range of packers, flexible, rigid, lateral, with or without wheels. Discover our catalogue and choose the packer that best suits your project


Our ECR fibreglass is specially designed to work in combination with JBP silicate resin to provide several benefits:

  • Increased water resistance
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Increased thermal resistance
  • Higher surface strength

We offer two different weights to suit your needs: 1010g/m2 and 1310g/m2. Both densities allow an easy and very clean cut with minimal fibre shedding.


Our silicate resin has several technical advantages such as high strength and low bubble formation, excellent impregnation of the fibreglass due to its viscosity and excellent adhesion to various dry and wet surfaces.

It consists of two components: Component A and B, with the possibility of adding a third component to accelerate the curing process. A homogeneous mixture of the two components is guaranteed in only 2-3 minutes.


We provide you with a video explaining how to install a packer and how to carry out a successful patch repair with packers.

Need more training for your first packer installation? We can arrange a training day for you:

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