UV Cured Berolina-Liner

Berolina Liners consist of resin-impregnated fibreglass and/or polyester strips sandwiched between two sheets of flexible tubing, water and styrene proof. They are delivered to the site ready for installation, but can also be stored for months. The Berolina Liner adapts to all changes in cross-section and profile due to shape creep.

The Berolina Liner can be used to rehabilitate pipes from DN 150 to DN 1600 efficiently and cost-effectively. Time-consuming excavation work can be avoided and the impact on the infrastructure is minimal and short term. Energy consumption is significantly reduced compared to other methods due to optimised production, transport and installation conditions.


The seamless Berolina Liner adapts to any profile between DN 150 and DN 1600 due to its variable expansion properties.


The Berolina LP Liner is used in pressure pipes with a maximum test pressure of 5 bar. The diameter range is from DN 150 to DN 600.


The high mechanical properties of the Berolina HF Liner ensure a reduction in the required structural wall thickness. The diameter range is from DN 150 to DN 1600.


You have an explanatory video of a pipe rehabilitation using the Berolina-Liner.

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